Me Made May – Week Four

The last week of Me Made May! 

So, from Saturday again – I went for a dress I love and really ought to make more of. This is the Clover Dress from Papercut Patterns in a paisley polyester with lace panels. There are instructions for making a tassel belt with this dress, but I have so many belts already so I didn’t bother. 

I wore this with a long cardigan (H&M), plaited belt (Topshop), brown bag (Primark) and vintage white shoes to meet friends for coffee.

Sunday was for planning the interrailing trip that’s less than a month away! 


It was also the day for this chiffon contrast shirt. Such a nightmare to make because chiffon is a bitch of a fabric, but the end result was at least worth it! I made this using New Look 6304 and have a pattern review up for this one.


Up next is a work day. I can’t remember which one but seeing as how I was only in work 2 and a half days this week there aren’t many it could have been! 

This is my one and only Liberty dress! Made using New Look 6262 (again) and seconds quality Liberty fabric that you’d never know was seconds. The photos don’t really do the fabric justice, so I’ve added a close up. 

On Friday we headed up to Edinburgh as my boyfriend (and excellent if unwilling photographer) Matthew was running the Edinburgh marathon on the Sunday. 

I wore my comfy Cynthia Rowley 2054 jersey dress and a cardigan my Gran knitted. I’m not sure about this one. The grey jersey fabric with black polkadots isn’t very me. It’s not something I’d pick up in a shop and so it’s not something I pick to wear very often. I do like the shape though and should probably make it in a different fabric. 

 For our second day in Ediburgh I went for my New Look 6095 shift dress in a pretty, blue, kalaidoscope viscose fabric. Not the best choice really seeing as how we walked/climbed up Arthur’s Seat in the morning! Worn with completely inappropriate footwear too – Topshop Chelsea boots with zero grip and also a Primark bag to knock me off balance! Oops. It was worth the hike though, and was incredibly windy at the top – I feel the state of my hair requires that explanation! 

And for the final day of Me Made May I went for this red dress. This is a bit of a mash up of two patterns – Cynthia Rowley 2054 top (altered quite a bit) and New Look 6262 skirt. For more info on this one see my earlier post. 

 I took these photos myself in a changing room as my usual photographer was busy, running 26.26 miles. So yes, while he ran a marathon I was shopping. I had time to kill! Although not all that much time really as he ran it in an impressive 3:27. 

And that’s the end of Me Made May! I hadn’t actually sewn anything in over a month before this. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s photos and it’s really inspired me to get back on it! I paid Remnant Kings a visit while we were in Edinburgh and really stocked up, so hopefully I should have some new posts up soon! 

Thanks for reading.

Me Made May – Week Three

A more successful week of pictures! And an excellent week as it was also my birthday!

So we resume Me Made Made on Saturday. Matthew’s friend came to visit so we headed into Cambridge. It was such a beautiful day, perfect for the Varsity rooftop terrace – it would have been rude not to really!

I wore one of my all time favourites. This dress is New Look pattern 6262 in a pretty, soft, floral viscose. Check out my earlier pattern review for this one if you’re interested. 

On Sunday we went for a wander round Ickworth. I wore my Aztec print New Look 6053 skirt which I love and need to make more of. I run away screaming from anything remotely bodycon, but I found this fitted skirt flattering because of the darts. 

I tried out a couple of trends at the same time too – the slogan tee and long long cardigan, both from H&M. Not sure if the top is too cringe but I love the cardigan that was like a cape in the breeze. 

 Skipping a few days forward (my bad) to Thursday and my birthday! Such a beautiful sunny day, cheers weatherman. I wore this pretty purple dress to work. It’s New Look 6124 in a polyester panama fabric and a lot more flattering than I initially thought it would be!

Since it was my birthday I went for a double me-made day – why not? In the evening I wore my beautiful and bright Sigma dress from Papercut Patterns (review available in an earlier post). 

On Friday I headed North back home again and went out for tea with the whole family to celebrate. I got a candle in my pudding and everyone sang happy birthday to me in the restaurant – hello bright red face!!

I wore my grid print New Look 6095 shift dress with a H&M little black jacket and M&S heels. The heels are necessary with my family. At 5’10” I’m not exactly short, but I do feel it with the boys all being over 6 foot!


And that’s it for week three! Last one to come next week!   

Me Made May – Week Two

And what a great week it was! Not quite a full week of handmade though. I didn’t ever fully commit – although actually that might have just been on Instagram (@fee_smith in case you’re interested), but hey four days are better than none!

So, beginning with Saturday, I went for my current favourites. These shorts are the first I’ve ever made and I’m amazed at how well they turned out! They are Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern and I’d highly recommend it! Check out my pattern review post if you’re interested.

I wore these for a great day back at home in the Lakes with the uni girls. It was so much fun my face ached from laughing so much. Take me back to uni and living with these girls! 
Up next we have this little crop top. I made this using New Look 6217, which should really be a full length top. This pretty floral viscose fabric was just something I had leftover from a dress I made and I didn’t have quite enough for the full length, so cropped was how it had to be! 


First handmade workwear of the week was this teal shift dress in polyester panama. Check out my earlier post to hear me absolutely rave about this pattern – I love it! 

And to finish off week 2 I wore this handmade skirt for drinks on Friday night. I went for a browse in River Island on my lunch and they have skirts in at the moment that are exactly the same shape but with a zip down the front. I love it when that happens. Maybe I’ll make another using this pattern and pop a zip in. 

Thanks for reading, pop back for week 3!