Me Made May – Week One

As is fairly standard for me, I joined Me Made May a little late – well, a day late. So for the first day for me but the second for everyone else this is what I wore:  

This dress must have been one of the first I made. I was back up north at home for the weekend and thought if I’ve got any chance of managing this I’d best start way back in the archives. 

This is the Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity pattern 2443 in a fairly thick jersey fabric. It’s so comfy and I even bothered to sew the pockets in on this one. I should really wear it more.

The second day of my week featured a self-drafted, loose-fitting top with an exposed zipper at the back. I made this years ago and based it on a top I already had from Topshop. Because it’s loose-fitting and I didn’t include any darts (schoolboy error right there) it, like most of my self-drafted stuff, doesn’t fit very well. I think I can pretty much get away with it though – at least I hope so! My cardigan is also handmade/handknitted by my lovely Gran. And it happened to be a pretty much exact colour match – winner.

It’s a similar story on day three – a badly self-drafted crop top that I keep meaning to alter, with it’s poor fit hidden beneath another of my Gran’s great cardigans.  

Day four was my first me made May day at work. This is going to be the challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I wear handmade stuff to work all the time so that’s not an issue. My problem is going to be that I don’t really have a month’s work-wear made! Maybe I’ll have to make a black pencil skirt and just wear it all the time with different tops. We’ll see. 

This dress is one of my most regulars and is the New Look 6143. I’m wearing it with a necklace from Topshop and jacket from George (yes, as in George at Asda – how nice is it?!)


Polkadots, pleats and a Peter Pan collar for my next day of me made May. I think this is such a sweet pattern and it fits so well! This one is Simplicity Lisette 1419 in a polkadot polycotton. This is another of my handmade workwear rotation.

My final outfit for the week, guest star: Poppy the King Charles Cavalier, the best little dog. 

And this is when I realise I’ve already repeated a pattern and it’s only week one… Another New Look 6143, this time in a crepe fabric. At least this one doesn’t have sleeves. 

And that’s my week one of Me Made May! If I haven’t completely bored you come back next week for week two of the challenge.

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