Hello there 2016…

And hello to my first make of 2016!


This is the Clover Dress by Brooke Tyson for Papercut Patterns. It’s the third one I’ve made and I think it’s my favourite version.

I used a beautiful, soft peach-skin material with bright contrasting chiffon for the bust inserts, both from Remnant Kings.

I went down a size for this version and am happier now with where the bust inserts sit and the overall fit. After looking at versions other sewers have made I decided I preferred the ones where the panels weren’t transparent, so I used chiffon backed with the peach skin fabric for this one. It also makes the chiffon a more solid colour.

I really can’t recommend this pattern enough!



Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Hello there 2016…

    • TheSeamSmith says:

      Thank you! You should definitely give it a go! I’d say start with a fairly basic pattern and work from there. I taught myself and there are loads of helpful YouTube tutorials if you get stuck with techniques. Enjoy!


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