Striped Sigma

Version 2

This is not the first or the last Sigma dress that I will make, but it is the first with long sleeves and an invisible zip!

I just love the shape of this dress with the gathering just at the sides of the waist. I thought I’d go for the more seasonal long-sleeved version this time and I’m very happy with the fit of the sleeves – not too baggy of too tight. I’m especially glad they aren’t tight because this fabric has zero stretch. I can’t remember exactly what type of fabric this is as it’s been in my stash a little while, but I got it in the sale at Crafty Baba in Ipswich.

I also attempted my first ever invisible zip on this one. Yeah, there’s a reason I haven’t photographed the back. The zip is in no way invisible. One bonus though, I have actually managed to work out how to adjust the needle positioning so hopefully my next attempt will be more successful.

I also forgot to add a little bit of length to the dress which I did say I would do when I next made it… Oh well, think I’ve just about got away with it – right?!

Version 2

Version 2Version 2IMG_5798

Thanks for reading!

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