A Clover For The Sun

A sleeveless Clover dress! I love the shape of the Clover dress but I wanted a strappy dress for inter-railing so I got rid of the sleeves and used binding instead. I extended the binding I was using for the neckline to make the straps. If I made another one though I’d extend the binding from the arm holes instead as I think that would probably sit better.


I love the Clover dress as its so easy to make and so flattering on. I think I need to adjust it a little though as the chiffon panels seem to sit just a little low down for me! Or maybe use a contrasting fabric that isn’t so see through… I also want to make the top, probably (boringly) for work. I just need to look out for the right fabric.

This dress is in a pretty, bright, floral viscose with chiffon panels, which is really light and great for travelling. I wore it for a day in Budapest – what an amazing city! The top two photos are from the steps to one of the thermal baths and in the ruin bar Szimplar. I absolutely loved Budapest and would definitely recommend visiting!

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