A Dress for a Wedding (no, not a wedding dress)

There are older makes I really ought to be be posting about first (such as the kimono that probably won’t make it on the blog til winter at this rate)… But I really love this dress and want to share this pattern!

I made this for a friend’s wedding. It was such a beautiful day with so many special, handmade and creative little touches. Such an honour to be a part of!

I almost didn’t have anything to wear though, having start this the same week as moving house, which also happened to be the week before the wedding… And yes, we got the invite months ago. I have no excuse. But I still ended up finishing it off in the car on the way there!! At least it was only the lining, definitely not my neatest slip-stitching.

This pattern is Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity 1873. I’ve love all the Cynthia Rowley patterns I’ve tried, which have been the 2250 (dress), 2443 (dress), 1371 (top and trousers/shorts) and now this one! I particularly like them because they all tend to just fit.

This dress was no exception. I’ve not made any alterations to it at all – even the length was perfect. I had thought the pleats might be too much and might make the skirt stick out a lot, but actually I love how it turned! Not too poofy at all.


I made it in this pretty cotton fabric from John Lewis. It’s the first time I’ve bought fabric from John Lewis as I always thought it was too expensive really. This fabric was £11.99 p/m reduced from £16.99 p/m. More than I would usually pay, but as I’d left it a bit last minute I didn’t have many other options. Plus as it was for such a special occasion I didn’t really mind!

*Just on a side note – I really expected there’d be more options for fabric shops in Cambridge. If anyone knows of any, please pass those gems on!*

I originally intended to make the Leanne Marshall for Simplicity 1353 in a gold patterned fabric, but I left ordering the pattern too late… although I did mange to order it in the week that all Simplicity patterns were half price with free delivery, so it’s not all bad! I am still going to make the original dress as I had already got the material and now I have the pattern too, so look out for that coming soon!


And a few pictures from the day…


Thanks for reading!

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